lucky clover Vibrator ST-VB04

Vibrator with lucky clover design

This unique design may enhance the overall pleasure and functionality of the vibrator, making it a desirable option for individuals seeking a high-quality sex toy.




Lucky Clover design: The vibrator features a unique Lucky Clover design, which may include a curved shape, ridges, or other textured features for enhanced stimulation.

5-speed vibration modes: The vibrator offers multiple vibration settings, including 5 different speed modes. This allows for customizable levels of intensity and pleasure.

Magnetic USB charging: The vibrator can be charged using a magnetic USB cable, which is a convenient and easy-to-use charging method.

Super soft silicone materials: The vibrator is made from super soft silicone materials, which are body-safe and comfortable to use. The silicone may also have a velvety texture for added pleasure.

Waterproof: The vibrator is waterproof, which makes it safe to use in the bath or shower and allows for easy cleaning.

Quiet operation: The vibrator operates quietly, ensuring discreet use.

Long battery life: The vibrator has a long battery life, providing extended playtime between charges.

Product Spec

Product modelST-VB04
Vibration 5 speeds
Silenceless than 60db
Battery type751524(500 mAh)
Charging byMagnetic USB DC 5V
Charging time90 minutes
Discharge time60 minutes
Motor type030 motor